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  MobileCar Detailing at it's best


A small thought turned into a big business is what we are. The owner, Roger Kelly Jr, began washing cars when he was young with his father in their neighborhood. Throughout school, his love for beautiful cars drove him to wash cars as a student for extra money. One day, someone asked him to wash the shuttle vans at their business. From there, he began to do corporate car washing. From hotel shuttles to adult daycare vans, from small gas savers to 35 passenger buses, he can do it all!

Bernie the Schnauzer

Bernie the Schnauzer is our mascot and you might just see him hanging out with the detailers on a nice day! We have chosen Bernie as the mascot because his breed is loyal, energetic and bright. These are only some of the qualities that the Experience detailers possess. If we had to choose any noun to be, it would be Bernie! If you mention him you get a speciald discount on your services!


Are you a taxi driver? Do you know someone that is? If so, catch us in action during taxi time. Every Monday from 9am-noon in the airport cell phone lot we do express service for all taxis. Stop on by between hails to get your taxi refreshed!


Keep you car clean on campus! Every Wednesday from 9am-noon show up at the campus security garage for an express service wash. Students get a special rate when you show your ID